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A native to North Texas, Leah Slaughter has developed an expert set of investing skills while curating a $40 million dollar portfolio of commercial and residential properties throughout Texas. During her 17 years of experience, Leah has personally acquired, overseen, and managed thousands of properties; and she’s eager to share her knowledge. She also operates a real estate investment fund in North Texas.
Leah is the co-founder of one of the largest property management and residential investment firms in North Texas, OmniKey Realty. She also operates a myriad of other companies. As an industry pioneer, she’ll tell you that some of her favorite property investments are those most would never consider purchasing. Leah takes pride in buying, renovating, and selling residences all over Texas while teaching others do the same. Leah generously and freely shares her knowledge with others around the world and spends her time teaching others how to build Wealth In Rentals with free live events, podcasts, news interviews, podcasts, articles.
Leah and her husband have 4 adopted children and are very involved in their local community. When not working or home with their dogs and friends, they spend their time on their 35 acre ranch in McKinney, Texas with their farm animals.



Michael has a wide variety in his education and professional background that has allowed him to become an accomplished investor, entrepreneur, mentor, coach, and educator. He applies his knowledge in this field working with his wife, Leah Slaughter, to educate thousands and help them to follow the same path that Leah and Michael personally used to create their real estate empire. A huge part of their philosophy is to not just talk but also do. They invest side by side with their investors in the same areas. It is this hands on approach that has led to Michael and Leah not just having wonderful clients but also great friends in their investment endeavors. Michael is a 2023 40 under 40 winner for MetroTex.
Aside from real estate, Michael has many other passions, the largest of which is service to others. He served in his own community as Mayor Pro Term for the City of Parker, Texas as well as a council member and also holds the rank of Lieutenant in Collin County as a reserve police officer. In his free time, you will usually find him working at their ranch, tending to their cows, horses, and donkeys. He loves to fish, spend time with his family and friends, and work on his classic car collection. During the early days of their marriage, Michael and Leah adopted three children and just recently adopted a 2 year old. A firm belief that Michael shares constantly is: “Success is only enjoyable when it can be shared with those you care about and those you can lift up with you. We are all in this together.” With his team beside him and the amazing friends and family always offering support, there is nothing that will hold back Michael’s mission to change people's lives through real estate.






Slaughter Investing exists to educate & mentor investors to take their real estate portfolio to the next level. By leveraging our time & experience, we can help investors create their how, where, when, who, but most importantly, WHY. 

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