"It has been a pleasure working with the team. They are incredibly on top of their stuff, understand the local market like nobody else I've met, and understand the nuances of local developers and bidding strategies. The best part is that they put their money where their mouth is, which makes me feel like our incentives are aligned. I hope to continue growing with them in the near future."

-Alyce G.


Real Estate Investment Funds


Partner with us as we acquire discounted properties in growth parts of North Texas, renovate with luxury finishes, and lease to high-income professionals moving to the area.

The Texas job growth rate continues to increase at a faster rate than the rest of the nation. North Texas exceeded 8 million residents during the pandemic, and is slated to replace Chicago as the 3rd largest metro.

The region grew by more than 155,000 residents last year, and 21 cities experienced estimated population growth of more than 10%.

Strong migration coupled with low housing supply has contributed to a housing shortage approaching 200,000 homes.


We like to focus on pre-boom markets where there is job growth and housing shortages, ideally with properties that are right off of main highways and close to large employers. Thackerville, in Southern Oklahoma, just 12 miles north of Gainesville, Texas, fits all of those categories. We have negotiated with a local builder to construct multi-family homes in Thackerville, Oklahoma. These properties will help meet the very strong need for affordable rental homes to service the nearby casino employees, and also the continued job growth just over the border in Texas. The business plan is to purchase new construction fourplexes upon completion, as we raise sufficient funds to effectuate the purchase. It's our intention to purchase a total of 40 homes (10 fourplexes) over the span of 24 months.



Direct Handheld Investment Acquisitions

We work with many builders to service our investors' needs. Whether your goal is retirement, or supplementing your existing income, our entire model is built around building you a large, performing portfolio as quickly as possible, regardless of where you start.

Our unique process involves 1031 exchanges every 2-6 years, off market new construction homes, and a one stop shop for the entire process before, during, and after ownership. We make building your own portfolio as easy as possible!