inflation and gas prices and the many solutions that come with the goverment

Gas prices don't HAVE to be high

inflation Sep 30, 2023
The feds didn’t raise rates at their meeting this month - and the economics of what is happening is quite interesting.
Inflation is up 3.7% year over year - which in reality is more accurate than their 2% target. That said, what’s astonishing is that more than half of that 3.7% is just from gasoline prices, meaning otherwise true inflation is already below 2%.
So you have to ask yourself - why are we continuing to strangle lending for businesses and home buyers instead of  dealing with the actual issue, gas prices? Why do they want the economy slowed? Lots of compelling theories here - and many conspiracies - but at the end of the day, the question is valid.
There are many solutions to correct gas prices - from the ridiculous option of the government buying down gas rates, or the simplest of which, produce our own gasoline.
The real failure of our government is that we sit with inflation moderated, but gas prices up - and yet they continue to try to cripple the economy. It affects job growth because businesses are struggling from lenders to banks and everything in between.
Speaking of banks, they’re having low profits because their spreads are compressed. When rates were down, their spread was much higher than what they can do now - plus they’re being strong armed into paying higher rates on accounts - also reducing profits as the spread is lower.
Our market is strong. Our economy could be booming - it’s so incredibly simple. Open the pipelines and stop printing free money.
Love or hate Trump, his policies are an example of why we need businessmen running this country, not politicians.
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