the power of real estate brings more homes, doubling your portfolio, and not paying taxes.

The Incredible Power of Real Estate

double your portfolio Sep 29, 2023
As a real estate investor, your #1 goal is to reach ability to get treated as a real estate professional on your taxes.
Cost segregation is one of the most powerful tools - as is converting rental income to active income - that we have as investors.
My typical $200k home I purchase gives me over $60,000 in first year depreciation. Imagine $60,000 of your income wiping away like a dry erase board - that’s the power of depreciation of active income. That 60,000 far exceeds cash  flow.
Even as a non real estate professional, the depreciation makes a paramount difference on your tax return and increases your income significantly.
Mid level volume real estate investors don’t pay taxes. I haven’t paid taxes in years. This is how you have tax returns like Donald Trump. This is how the rich get richer. How the middle class elevates to upper class. How you un-tie yourself from the typical income and tax experience.
The power of real estate is one of the most amazing opportunities in this country and so many people have no clue it starts with just one home.
That one home turns into 2, into 4, into 8, until you have secured you, and your families futures, into perpetuity.
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